How We Build Our Social City Guides

At Social City Guides, we create city guides for Real Estate by aggregating the best local photos & reviews from social media.

Our software automatically gathers content based on keywords and #hashtags.

Content Review
Next, we review hundreds of posts for each community and eliminate any objectionable or offensive material to insure the highest quality and relevance for the Real Estate market. For example, social media is full of selfies, tattoos, spam, and profanity, which we flag as inappropriate.

We Eliminate:
• Duplicates
• Irrelevant & Unrelated Posts
• Realtor Posts
• Ads & Spam
• Profanity & Violence
• Sexually Explicit Material

Here’s how social media handle copyrights. Users who signup and use a social media network like Instagram agree to the terms of service, which states: “Users grant to Instagram a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the Content that is posted on Instagram.”

As a developer, Instagram grants us a sub-license to re-distribute and share their content, as long as we follow the developer’s terms of service, and give proper attribution by showing the username and linking back to the original content on Instagram.

So, with Social City Guides you get usage rights, plus high-quality content that is easy to add to your website. If you prefer a do-it-yourself solution, there are many Social Media Aggregation apps like Stackla and Tint, but these are very expensive, difficult to setup, and require ongoing moderation to make sure objectionable content is not added.

Full-Page Display
Each city guide contains approximately 40-50 images, with new content added quarterly to insure that our guides remain up-to-date. In addition, the posts are not static. With every online visitor and every browser refresh, the content is rearranged randomly, so it always appears fresh and new.

We’ve created thousands of city guides across the country. If we don’t have your city, town, or community we’ll create it for you — as long as there’s enough social media content to pull from.

City guides are added to your webpage with a simple embed code. Once integrated, new content and updates are added automatically.