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Community Guides For Real Estate

We create city guides by aggregating the best social media from your local area. Our community guides will make your website more engaging, and give homebuyers great insight into the community.

At Social City Guides, we build city guides by aggregating the best local photos and reviews from social media. Our guides show the true essence of a location, with the inside scoop about the best places to dine, shop, play, and raise a family! We've pre-built thousands of city guides across the country, so Multiple Listing Services and Realtor Associations can provide it to their members... instantly. Plus, we automatically add new content on a regular basis, so the information is always fresh and up-to-date!

MLS and AORs... This is an amazing member benefit that helps your organization earn extra income!

• Make websites more engaging, so visitors will return.
Improves SEO so your site will rank higher.
• Include it in your Real Estate Listing Presentations.
• Featuring restaurants, shopping, attractions, and events.
• Plus, schools, parks, golf, wine tasting, and fun things to do.
• Add to a website with a simple embed code.
• Responsive design — Looks great on mobile devices.
• Once integrated, content is refreshed automatically.

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We Bring Your Community To Life

With social media, there are over a billion amateur photo journalists out in the field every moment of every day, with cameras and keyboards ready to document and post all the local happenings as they happen. We compile and share people's real life experiences through social media, with photos, emojis, hashtags, and trending events. In this new era of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, our community guides are authentic, entertaining, and informative. Our guides are designed to make your website more engaging and "sticky" so visitors will stay on your site longer, and return more often. And when these visitors become homebuyers, they will be more likely to choose your team of local experts to help them find the home of their dreams.

Improve SEO

Click To Read Our SEO Instructions. Our lifestyle community guides improve SEO in a number of ways:

1. Engagement… Our lifestyle city guides are interesting, so visitors will stay on your page longer and interact with your site. “Bounce rate” is one of the most important criteria in page ranking. If a visitor stays on your page longer, Google will upgrade your ranking.
2. Secondary Keywords… Every new page you add to your website provides an opportunity to focus on additional keywords groups that can help your website earn higher ratings. Adding a community guide provides those new keywords that gives your site a competitive advantage.
3. Indexed By Googlebot… Our social media feeds, with lots of images, copy and hashtags, are indexed by Googlebot.

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